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Solaris delivers 12 electric buses to Bergamo

Poland-based bus manufacturer Solaris has delivered 12 electric buses to a transport operator from Bergamo, Italy. These are the first vehicles of this type in Italy, manufactured by a Polish producer. In March this year, there will be another 10 Urbino electric buses supplied to the ATM fleet in Milan.

Solaris has so far delivered nearly 850 vehicles to Italy—the company’s second-largest market in 2017 after its home market of Poland.

Urbino electric for the Italian market is powered by axles with integrated 2 x 125 kW traction motors. Electricity is stored in a set of Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity of 240 kWh. In vehicles for both customers, the manufacturer used a modern touch panel of its own design. The chargers can simultaneously supply two buses with 40 kW of power.


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