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President’s 2019 budget request cuts DOE Energy programs 43%; EERE, 65%; kills Loans program and ARPA-E

President Trump unveiled his FY 2019 budget request, including $30.6 billion for the Department of Energy (DOE)—a more than 3% decrease from the 2017 enacted level.

The bulk of DOE funding would flow to the National Nuclear Security Administration ($15.1 billion, +$2.2 billion over FY 2017 Enacted) and Environmental Management (US$6.6 billion, $182 million above FY 2017 Enacted). $5.4 billion is allocated to the Office of Science (the same as FY 2017 Enacted) to focus on its core mission of conducting cutting edge, early-stage research. $2.5 billion is allocated to Energy programs—$1.9 billion (-43%) below the FY 2017 Enacted funding.

Highlights of the as-requested Energy programs budget include:

  • $696 million for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, $1.3 billion below FY 2017 Enacted (-65%), focusing on early stage R&D on energy technologies including new approaches to energy storage beyond current battery technologies.

  • The Budget proposes to split the Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) account, which totals $157M, into two accounts to increase focus on grid reliability (Electricity Delivery) and cybersecurity (CESER).

  • $502 million for Fossil Energy R&D, $81 million above FY 2017 Enacted, to focus on cutting-edge, early stage R&D to improve the reliability and efficiency of advanced fossil-based power systems.

  • $757 million for Nuclear Energy, $259 million below FY 2017 Enacted (-25%), to revive and expand the US nuclear energy sector through early-stage R&D, prioritizing support for advanced manufacturing methods, instrumentation, and reactor technologies, including $54 million for advanced Small Modular Reactor R&D.

  • $120 million for the Yucca Mountain and Interim Storage Program, demonstrating the Administration’s commitment to nuclear waste management by restarting Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing activities for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and establishing a robust interim storage program to develop a capability for earlier acceptance of spent nuclear fuel.

  • $10 million, $6 million below FY 2017 Enacted, to provide financial and technical assistance critical to advancing electrification and energy development and deployment and reducing energy costs on Indian lands.

  • Terminates the Loan Programs and the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy, while maintaining monitoring of the existing loan portfolio and overseeing existing awards to completion.

  • $195 million for the Petroleum Reserves, including the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, and Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve. The President’s Budget continues the sale of SPR oil for the Energy Security and Infrastructure Modernization Fund authorized by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 to support an effective modernization program for the SPR.

  • The request includes $77 million for the Power Marketing Administrations, $6 million below FY 2017 Enacted. As part of the President’s mandatory budget proposals, the Request proposes to sell the PMA transmission assets and would repeal the $3.25 billion WAPA emergency borrowing authority authorized by the Recovery Act of 2009 and would permit consideration of comparable utilities’ rates when setting prices.



Another huge $15.1B useless subsidies for inefficient nuclear energy.

The same subsidies, coupled with private funds, could generate 10X clean energy from REs and a lot more jobs?


Drumpf the anti Christ destroyer.


In November, All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. Vote out any Republicans...that's your best move to counter what Trump and the Republicans are doing to the country.

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