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DEWA and Siemens sign MoU for MW-scale solar-drive electrolysis pilot project for hydrogen production

UK awards almost £30M to 21 vehicle-to-grid projects

The UK government is awarding almost £30 million (US$41.5 million) to 21 vehicle-to-grid projects to pay for research and design and development, with the aim of exploring and trialling both the technology itself and commercial opportunities.

These scheme will demonstrate how energy stored in electric vehicle batteries could be borrowed by the electricity system during peak hours, before being recharged during the off-peak in time for their drivers to set off on their next journey.

The competition for government funding, run by Innovate UK, saw a host of winners including SSE Services, Nissan, OVO Energy, Octopus Energy, Cisco, Flexisolar and AT Kearney.

Innovate UK recently concluded the assessment process, with OLEV and BEIS providing almost £30 million to grant fund industry led collaborative R&D in electric V2G technology for up to 70% of project costs.



Peak hours in many US areas are in the evening, just as commuters have arrived home after work and vehicle batteries would be depleted.  Many drivers would want to recharge right then in order to go out later in the evening, making the "duck-belly" problem even worse.  It's hard to see how V2G could work there.

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