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Responsible Battery Coalition launches 2M battery challenge

A coalition of leading vehicle battery manufacturers, recyclers, retailers and users dedicated to the responsible manufacturing, use and reuse of vehicle batteries launched an initiative to recover 2 million more lead-acid batteries with the goal of achieving a recycling rate of 100%. The campaign, called the 2 Million Battery Challenge, is an effort to engage consumers to bring their used vehicle batteries to the nearest participating auto parts retailer to have them properly recycled.

The latest automotive industry research shows that 12% of consumers still have a dead or unusable vehicle battery at home in a garage or old vehicle and not in the closed recycling loop. That’s enough batteries to equal the weight of 1,000 semi-trucks or enough to line the length of 8,000 football fields.

—Pat Hayes, executive director of the Responsible Battery Coalition (RBD), the organization leading the effort

The recycling of vehicle batteries is one of the great achievements in protecting public and environmental health. With 99% of the vehicle batteries in North America currently being recycled, we are reducing pollution including the greenhouse emissions caused from sourcing new battery materials. Getting the remaining 2 million batteries recycled will make this positive impact even better.

—Ramon Sanchez, Ph.D., of the Harvard University School of Public Health and chair of the Responsible Battery Coalition’s Science Advisory Board

The 2 Million Battery Challenge will utilize a combination of online advertising and social media engagement to inform consumers that their used batteries can and should be properly disposed at a location near them. These locations are often automotive aftermarket retailers or municipal recycling centers.

RBC’s members include Johnson Controls, Walmart, Ford Motor Co., Honda North America, Federal Express, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Canadian Energy, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Club Car and LafargeHolcim.


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