Teijin develops formable gasoline-resistant bioplastic film for vehicle door handles integrated with smart-entry systems
DGIST, PNNL team develops efficient, low-cost anode material for water electrolysis

XL Hybrids announces new fleet electrification ship-through codes for Chevrolet and GMC commercial vehicles

XL Hybrids announced that new ship-through codes are available for its XLH hybrid-electric system on the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans and cutaways. As part of the strategic agreement, fleet managers can seamlessly order and take delivery of XLH-upfitted Chevrolet and GMC vans starting with 6.0-liter models; 4.3-liter models will be added in the third quarter.

Installation of the XLH hybrid-electric system can be completed in a few hours as a ship-through upfit. XL Hybrids’ ship-through codes offer a choice of installation at Knapheide Manufacturing or Adrian Steel, both located near General Motors’ Wentzville, Missouri assembly plant.

Fleets with XLH technology can enjoy up to a 25% increase in fuel economy and accompanying reductions in CO2 emissions, while still maintaining the base vehicles’ rated power, torque and work capability. XLH technology leaves the GM engine, transmission, fuel system and exhaust system intact. 

The XLH upfit includes XL Link technology, which collects hundreds of operational data points—such as miles driven, fuel usage, idling time and average speed—to monitor system health, ensure vehicle uptime and report MPG performance from the field.


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