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Ballard wins $4.2M program to develop next-gen air-cooled fuel cell stack for forklift trucks

Ballard Power Systems has signed a Technology Solutions program with an unnamed strategic customer to develop a next-generation air-cooled fuel cell stack. The multi-year program has an initial value to Ballard of approximately $4.2 million.

A key objective of the Technology Solutions program is to design and validate an ultra-high durability, high performance air-cooled fuel cell stack for uses in a number of target market applications, including certain material handling applications, with a target operating lifetime of 20,000 hours.

A key market opportunity will be the integration of the next-generation stacks into fuel cell systems for class 3 lift trucks, such as pallet jacks, deployed in high throughput distribution centers and warehouse operations. Other potential applications include systems for stationary continuous and backup power.



Operating life of 20,000 hours (54+ years) will make this type of FC appealing for many fixed energy production. It could probably operate for 100+ years as a complement to Solar and Wind farms?

May be too good for mobile applications?

Keith D. Patch

Hi HarveyD--

My math shows 20,000 hours as 20,000hr/24/365 as 2.28 years of continuous use, not 54+ years.

I'm pretty sure that fork lifts and pallet jacks in Amazon-type warehouses are used for more than 1 hour each day.

Also, 20,000 hours over 100 years of Solar or Wind farm operation converts to 0.55 hour/day of operation. Does not sound practical to me.

I like fuel cells, but I also like to be realistic.




Sorry, I left out /24...

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