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Australian-first, A$11.4M hydrogen demonstration plant to be built in Adelaide; power-to-gas

An Australian-first, A$11.4-million (US$9-million) demonstration plant that will produce hydrogen from renewable energy (power-to-gas) will be built in Adelaide. Adelaide-based Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)—the country’s largest gas distribution business—will construct and operate the plant at Tonsley Innovation District, in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. The project is supported by a A$4.9-million grant from the South Australian Government through its A$150 million Renewable Technology Fund.

The power-to-gas demonstration plant—to be called Hydrogen Park SA (HyP SA)—will involve the construction of a hydrogen production and distribution facility using a 1.25MW PEM electrolyzer from Siemens to produce hydrogen utilizing electricity from the grid and potentially on-site solar.

The produced hydrogen will then be injected into AGIG’s local gas network to power the Tonsley Innovation District—but with the ability to be expanded to supply a proposed residential development in the area and other remote customers through tube and trailer facilities.

First hydrogen production is due in mid-2020. AGIG’s project partners are Siemens, SA Power Networks and KPMG.



Boggles the mind how big a waste of money and energy this is.

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