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Mitsubishi Motors unveils Indonesian EV research scheme

Mitsubishi Motors has presented 8 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid SUVs, 2 i-MiEV BEVs, and 4 chargers to the Indonesian Government as part of a joint study with the Ministry of Industry (MOI) into the development of Indonesia’s growing electric vehicle infrastructure.

The vehicles will feature in a series of studies modeling how Indonesia’s existing transport infrastructure can accommodate electric vehicles. The studies will assess the use of electric vehicles in different environments, including cities, tourist areas and remote islands.

Meanwhile, the study will track the energy management potential of electric vehicles, examining the use of the Outlander PHEV as a storage resource.

Mitsubishi Motors has been trading in Indonesia since the formation of the company in 1970s, and has strong relationships with local partners across the country.


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