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Scania testing engines running on untreated biogas and landfill gas

Redding running 17 Scania biogas buses on busiest route

In the UK, Reading Buses has placed 17 new high-end Scania double decker biogas buses into operation. The buses, with bodywork by Alexander Dennis, service Reading’s busiest bus route, the Purple 17.


Scania was the UK’s first bus and coach manufacturer to select biogas as the alternative fuel of choice. Using biogas produces up to 84% less greenhouse gases than diesel and can reduce fuel costs by up to 30%.

The Low Emission Bus Certificate, based on testing at Millbrook, puts the well-to-wheel GHG emissions of the double-decker biogas bus at 207.9 g CO2e/km, compared to 1290.1 g CO2e/km for a Euro V diesel equivalent.

Scania is firmly committed to driving the shift to more sustainable transport systems. When operating on biogas, the carbon dioxide emissions of Scania buses are reduced by up to 84 percent compared to regular diesel. They are significantly quieter too, making them an ideal choice for urban operations.

—Mark Oliver, Scania Great Britain


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