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Emerson and Total sign long-term global agreement for Paradigm exploration & production software portfolio

Emerson announced a long-term global agreement with Total S.A. to provide all Total geoscientists with access to Emerson’s Paradigm exploration and production (E&P) software portfolio to help the global energy company maximize performance of reservoir subsurface modeling and formation evaluation.


Emerson is one of our key suppliers of E&P geosciences software. With this agreement, our geoscientists will have improved and easier access to critical technology wherever and whenever they can most benefit from it, while keeping full flexibility in using our own tools as well as alternative external solutions.

—François Alabert, vice president, Geo-Technology at Total E&P

In late 2017, Emerson acquired Paradigm, which combined with Emerson’s existing portfolio, makes Emerson the largest independent provider of E&P software to the oil and gas industry.

The agreement provides Total access to the Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD and Paradigm Geolog software solution suites for full-field lifecycle subsurface modeling and formation evaluation activities. Additionally, through use of a Paradigm software development kit, Total will continue to integrate the technology into its own proprietary geosciences and reservoir integrated platform.

With the new agreement, Total will also become an active member of the new OpenDB Consortium, Emerson’s E&P Software initiative to build a next-generation database using industry standard formats. By participating in the consortium, Total will be able to contribute directly to the design and implementation of the database and influence future technological developments.


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