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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will merge three of its information technology (IT) subsidiaries as of 1 January 2019: Toyota Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (TCS), Toyota Digital Cruise, Inc. (TDC), and Toyota Caelum Inc. (TCI).

Each of the three companies has its own area of expertise in different fields of IT: TCS in the development of core systems, TDC in the introduction and operation of networks and infrastructure, and TCI in the development of design and manufacturing support systems. The companies all have a long history of providing services to support TMC and Toyota Group companies.


he role of IT is becoming increasingly important as the automotive industry faces a once-in-a-century transformational period of sweeping changes, including vehicle electrification, the adoption of intelligent technologies, and the emergence of new competition. To survive this transformational period, TMC has been pursuing efforts toward organizational and work-style reform and recognizes the importance of strengthening collaboration across the Toyota Group through IT, as well as promoting the adoption of innovative work processes and providing services that encompass the entire group.

This merger aims to consolidate the specialized skills that the three companies have built up to seamlessly combine applications, infrastructure, and networks into complete IT solutions that integrate all aspects of service provision, from the planning and proposal phase to the service development, introduction, and operation phases.


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