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E.ON and Nissan enter into strategic partnership on charging, V2G, grid integration and more

At the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan and E.ON announced a strategic partnership to explore opportunities on pilot activities and commercial offers related to electric vehicles charging, vehicle-to-grid services and grid integration, as well as decentralised energy generation and storage solutions.

This partnership is delivering on Nissan’s commitment to develop a comprehensive electric ecosystem for both consumers and businesses as well as E.ON’s vision to establish the electric vehicle as part of the eMobility ecosystem.

The partners have already started this cooperation in Denmark where a customer receives a complete package consisting of a charging station for the home and benefits from an energy flat rate to charge a Nissan EV. The partners intend to expand the program to other European countries in the near future to further support the sustainable electrification of mobility and home.

In addition, the partnership will leverage Nissan’s vehicle-to-grid infrastructure and advanced bi-directional charging technology to allow customers to optimize their energy use and costs. E.ON’s extensive experience in solar and storage solutions for home owners will allow the partners to offer renewable energy solutions to Nissan customers and optimize their electricity costs.


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