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The Andersons and ICM form ELEMENT JV for 70 mgpy biorefinery in Kansas

The Andersons, Inc. and ICM, Inc. have formed ELEMENT, LLC, a joint venture that will construct a 70 million-gallon-per-year bio-refinery located in Colwich, Kansas, adjacent to ICM’s headquarters. This strategic partnership will build and operate a technologically advanced ethanol production facility featuring several of ICM’s equipment and process technologies.

The combination of ICM’s next-generation technologies and The Andersons’ merchandising, risk management and logistics expertise has the potential to produce the highest yielding, highest margin and lowest carbon intensity ethanol gallon in the United States today, the partners said.

This investment executes on several of our stated strategic priorities, such as operating highly efficient and profitable ethanol production facilities, increasing capacity under management, developing new technologies with higher value co-products and expanding our fee based services offering.

—Pat Bowe, CEO of The Andersons

The plant is designed to be the most efficient dry mill ethanol plant in the United States. The features that will differentiate this plant include waste wood heat and power generation; high protein distillers dried grains (DDGs); cellulosic ethanol production using corn kernel fiber feedstock; and advanced corn oil production.

The plant is expected to produce ethanol yields in excess of 3.1 gallons per bushel at full capacity. The carbon intensity score for both the corn and cellulosic ethanol production will lead the industry and further demonstrate ICM and The Andersons’ commitment to environmental sustainability, the two said.

Ethanol produced by ELEMENT will be sold primarily in California under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard as well as in other emerging low carbon markets.

Technology and site preparations have been underway by ICM for several years. Phase one start up is expected to occur in second quarter 2019. ELEMENT is expected to be fully operational by year-end 2019. The Andersons expects the investment in the plant to be accretive within one year of start-up.

Founded in Maumee, Ohio, in 1947, The Andersons is a diversified company rooted in agriculture, conducting business across North America in the grain, ethanol, plant nutrient and rail sectors. The Andersons Ethanol Group operates ethanol plants in Albion, Mich.; Clymers, Ind.; Greenville, Ohio; and Denison, Iowa. The four plants combined are capable of producing over 475 million gallons of ethanol annually.

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Colwich, Kan., with a regional office in Brazil, ICM, Inc. provides innovative technologies, solutions, and services to sustain agriculture and to advance renewable energy, including ethanol and feed technologies that will increase the supply of world protein. By providing proprietary process technologies to more than 100 facilities globally with a combined production capacity of approximately 8.8 billion gallons of annual ethanol production and 25 million tons of annual distillers grains, ICM has become a world leader in bio-refining technologies.


The plant is expected to produce ethanol yields in excess of 3.1 gallons per bushel at full capacity.

Ho-kay.  A bushel of corn is 56 lbs (25.4 kg give or take).  3.1 gallons EtOH is about 9.3 kg.  This is a very poor conversion ratio.  No wonder we aren't running on biofuels.

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