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Magna launches Composites Center of Excellence in Germany; structural components and body parts

Magna has opened a new Composites Center of Excellence in Esslingen, Germany, to help European automakers meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements with lightweight structures and exterior components made of advanced materials.

The Center will primarily focus on developing structural components, such as vehicle subframes, and exterior body parts, such as door panels and hoods. Several European automakers are pursuing joint development projects with Magna at the new center.

One is interested in investigating advanced composites for use in structural rear vehicle modules, and another wants to look at composites for vehicle subframes. There is also interest in developing “class A” exterior panels using composites.

The center has a new 2,300-metric-ton Engel V-Duo press that is suited for thermoset compression molding of reinforced plastic or sheet molding compound materials. It enables development, demonstration and testing of full-size automotive parts using a wide range of thermoset composite materials and compression molding process settings. The press also links directly to a testing laboratory where temperature cycles, climatic cycles, various static and dynamic tests, and microscopic examinations are performed.

Magna opened its Composites Center of Excellence near Toronto in 2010 in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada. Notable projects include a carbon fiber hood developed for the 2016 Cadillac V-Series and a current project with Ford Motor Company to test the feasibility of carbon fiber vehicle subframes for possible mass production.



This is very exciting! In June we'll be talking about these topics at our "Future of Composites in Transportation" event in Chicago, but we'll certainly be following the developments from this center and others around the world.

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