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DiDi forms strategic partnership with BAIC Group to advance EV operations

Didi Chuxing (DiDi), the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, announced a strategic partnership with BAIC Group to enhance the operation of new energy car-sharing program.

With the support of the Beijing Municipal CCP Committee and the Municipal Government, BAIC Group and DiDi will expand in-depth business cooperation in EV fleet operation, big data applications, mobility services, and customized vehicle design and EV charging services.

Electric vehicles play a key role in the mobility industry. DiDi is excited to partner with BAIC Group to accelerate the development of EV support infrastructure, including operation and vehicle charging, which will strongly support the development and adoption of EVs in China and beyond. Shared mobility, new energy vehicle networks, and new AI driving technologies are integrally linked to each other.

—Cheng Wei, Founder and CEO of DiDi

Cheng also indicated DiDi is eager to partner with more auto manufacturers to build AI-powered transportation ecosystem and make new mobile technology work for the automotive industry.

Benefitting from this win-win cooperation with DiDi, BAIC Group will be a bellwether to serve the public with intelligent networking EVs and mobility services.

—Xu Heyi, Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman of Board of BAIC Group

Xu said BAIC Group will accelerate the development of a national EV technology innovation center, push forward a company-wide transformation and upgrade by innovation, and build an EV ecosystem around new energy and intelligent networking vehicles.

The strategic partnership with BAIC Group is a significant step for DiDi to build intelligent mobility ecosystem. In order to prepare for the new era of EV, DiDi is cooperating with partners from auto and energy industries to build an EV operation platform for vehicle design and manufacture, intelligent driving technologies, core battery and electrical motor & control technologies, charging network and automotive after-market services.


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