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Volkswagen planning to produce up to 1,500 MEB electric vehicles per day at Zwickau; China and N America to join in production

As part of a financial performance briefing in Wolfsburg, management of the Volkswagen brand said that up to 1,500 MEB (modular electrification toolkit) vehicles per day will in the future roll off the production line at the Zwickau plant.With an investment of about €1 billion, the brand is transform the Zwickau plaingnt into the European competence center for e-mobility and will produce all the MEB vehicles for the European market there.

Other competence centers are planned in China and North America. This will mean that the next generation of electric cars will be launched at almost the same time in the three major regions.

The first model in the I.D. family, the Volkswagen I.D., is to be launched in 2020. This is to be followed at short intervals by other models including an electric SUV—the I.D. CROZZ—and the I.D. BUZZ, the bus of the future. With the I.D. VIZZION, Volkswagen gave a glimpse of the future flagship of the I.D. family only a few days ago. (Earlier post.)

The study highlights the considerable potential of the MEB., In addition to the vehicles themselves, Volkswagen is also developing a comprehensive ecosystem from the charging point via green power to digital services.


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