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The City of Malmö, Sweden is acquiring three 300 kW quickPOINT City Chargers from Poland-based Ekoenergetyka. The OppCharge-based opportunity chargers, equipped with inverted pantograph, will be deployed in the third largest city in Sweden this fall and will charge electric buses from Volvo. The project is part of Malmö’s drive to become climate neutral by 2020.


The chargers from Ekoenergetyka will be deployed in two neighborhoods of Malmö—Ön in the southwest will receive one charger and the other two will be deployed in the southern suburb of the city Svågertorp. They will provide quick energy top-ups via top-down pantographs to 13 Volvo buses that will enter into operation at the end of 2018.

This will be our third charger deployment in Sweden, but first in Malmo. We are proud to contribute to Malmo’s sustainability drive  and its target of becoming a 100% green city by 2020 by enabling the city to introduce cleaner and quieter buses.

—Maciej Wojeński, Vice-President of Ekoenergetyka-Polska

The devices will be connected to an external monitoring system gathering data about charging processes in real time, ensuring smooth operating of the charging process. The chargers will follow international charging protocol ISO 15118 defining communication between the chargers and the buses and use the industry-supported OppCharge system for top down charging.

his project will be the first one in which Ekoenergetyka will charge  electric buses from Volvo and it will bring a total of electric bus brands that we have charged to over 10. It shows our chargers are interoperable across the board. Giving our clients full flexibility when it comes to charging interfaces, shapes of chargers and their power is one of our priorities. Our chargers can be integrated with both Combo 2 plugs, bus-mounted pantographs and, as we show with this project, also OppCharge top down pantographs.

—Maciej Wojeński

On top of charging stations, Ekoenergetyka-Polska is also responsible for the civil works and the maintenance of the devices. Malmö is a third city in Sweden to choose Ekoenergetyka’s chargers, following in the footsteps of Vasteras and the northern city of Lulea and a confirmation of the company’s commitment to the Scandinavian market.

Ekoenergetyka has more than 150 e-bus chargers deployed in cities in Europe, from Barcelona through Berlin to Adana in Turkey and Tampere in Finland. Ekoenergetyka is a member of UITP, OCA and OppCharge Alliance.


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