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Faurecia invests in small-turbine ORC company Enogia for waste heat energy recovery

Faurecia, a leading automotive technology company, has invested in the French start-up Enogia in order to enhance its expertise in energy recovery technology. Founded in 2009, the start-up has developed and patented an hermetic, compact high-speed turbine that recovers heat and converts it into electricity using an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

Enogia’s current flagship product is the ORC module, which uses its proprietary micro-turboexpander to convert low quality heat into useful electricity. Enogia can deliver a bare ORC module up to to complete turnkey projects, including an Organic Rankine Cycle Module tailored to customer needs.

The standard ORC modules are available for a power range of 10 to 100 kW, and can adapt the blades and different working fluids to obtain different temperature ranges.

Enogia’s technologies are suited to commercial vehicles, trucks and high horsepower engines (marine transport and generators); the investment by Faurecia will enable it to grow rapidly in these market segments.

This investment is made by Faurecia Ventures, which advances Faurecia’s innovation strategy by identifying, incubating and investing in innovative companies.


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