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Quandl, a provider of alternative data, launched an exclusive dataset that allows investors to track weekly Tesla sales in real-time, along with demographic data about Tesla buyers. The new dataset can be used to predict the outcome of Tesla’s promise to fulfill more than 400,000 Model 3 pre-orders by 2018.

Quandl has partnered with leading auto insurance providers who together command a statistically significant share of the US auto insurance market to formulate this unique dataset. Unlike existing datasets based on VIN numbers, which can be registered before cars are produced, Quandl’s data is based on cars already delivered to customers.

Industry analysts are not convinced that Tesla will meet its target, but the degree by which they will miss is a subject of great debate. Quandl’s dataset can help investors determine Tesla's progress ahead of analysts, estimates and production reports.

The weekly data history for this dataset goes back to 2012 and has never previously been made available. Data is available at a granular level for all Tesla models (Model 3, Model S and Model X) and at an aggregate level. It also includes customer demographic attributes, such as gender, age and location.


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