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SimpleFuel exports innovative small-scale hydrogen refueling appliance to Japan

SimpleFuel, winner of the US Department of Energy (DOE) $1-million H2 Refuel H-Prize, is exporting one of its first hydrogen refueling appliances to Japan.

The initial SimpleFuel product line is designed to target several small-scale hydrogen dispensing markets, including home and local/distributed refueling of consumer FCEVs, refueling for fuel cell vehicle fleets, and industrial fuel cell vehicle refueling.


SimpleFuel is an on-site hydrogen generation and dispensing appliance that uses water and electricity to produce high purity fuel cell-grade hydrogen via electrolysis. SimpleFuel can dispense fast “opportunity” fills or full fills to 700 bar automotive pressures.

SimpleFuel is a collaboration of three companies: IVYS Energy Solutions (Massachusetts), McPhy Energy N.A. (Massachusetts), and PDC Machines (Pennsylvania). This approach complements the conventional retail fueling stations currently being funded by states and the private sector.

With support from the Japanese Environmental Ministry of the Central Government, the SimpleFuel appliance will run on solar or grid electricity for use with a Toyota Industries fuel-cell forklift truck at the Kesen Precut Cooperative. Kesen Precut manufactures high quality wood and wood chip products for the Japanese market with two production facilities in Sumida Town and Rikuzentakata, Japan.



Very compact unit. How many lbs of H2 can it produce daily and at what price with clean Hydro/Win electricity at about USD $0.02/kWh (the local medium/large industries rate for 24/7 supply)?


5kg per day; needs mass production to bring price down for fleet use

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