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Toyota Mobility Foundation awards 10 grants for hydrogen research initiative

The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has selected ten researchers to receive grants from the research program to support innovative hydrogen energy solutions launched last year. (Earlier post.)

The Hydrogen Research Initiative started in July 2017 to support innovative research to reduce the output of carbon dioxide and/or the cost of hydrogen and hydrogen systems. Research proposals are to yield practical results in these areas between the years 2025 and 2030. This fiscal year, TMF solicited applications in four fields:

  • Hydrogen generation
  • Hydrogen storage and transport
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Energy systems

Toyota received 32 applications; a screening panel of hydrogen energy experts from universities and public research organizations determined the final grant awardees.

Hydrogen generation
Topic Researcher Institution
Dynamic Simulation of Hydrogen Production System Using Estimated Renewable Electricity Profiles and a Water Electrolyzer Model KOJIMA,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Investigation of catalyst / electrolyte interface structure during photoelectrochemical water splitting SATO,
The University of Tokyo
Innovative surface reforming technology development for functionalization of stainless steels as water electrolysis catalysts TODOROKI,
Tohoku University
Development of air electrodes for proton-conducting solid oxide electrochemical cells MATSUI,
Kyoto University
Development of oxide-based electrocatalyst of water electrolysis for production of CO2-free-hydrogen MATSUZAWA,
Yokohama National University

Hydrogen storage and transport
Topic Researcher Institution
Computational Design for Higher-Order Porous Structures Suitable for Efficient Hydrogen Storage under Room Temperature-Molecular Dynamics Approach- Kim,
Kyoto University
Development of organic hydride electrolyzer for hydrogen energy carrier synthesis NAGASAWA,
Yokohama National University

Hydrogen applications
Topic Researcher Institution
Examination of alternative measure for safety distance in high pressure hydrogen storage facility using porous wall ASAHARA,
Gifu University

Energy systems
Topic Researcher Institution
Design of sustainable hydrogen supply system based on the spatial analysis FURUBAYASHI,
Tohoku University
Study for realization of hybrid energy system composed of electric and hydrogen energy using renewable energy and FCV YOSHIOKA,
The University of Tokyo



Develop HTPEM and reformers.


This is another step towards the development of new methods to produce lower cost H2 production, H2 storage and fuel cells?


Research grants? Practical results by 2025 maybe 2030? Sounds like they are further behind than expected. They don’t seem to realize that they are on the clock.

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