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Ryder range-extended electric step vans produced by Workhorse now in W.B. Mason’s delivery fleet

Ryder System, Inc. announced that W.B. Mason, the US’ second-largest privately owned office products dealer, has taken delivery of Workhorse E-GEN electric, range-extended step vans. The company has expanded its fleet with the Workhorse electric vehicles to support its national business product delivery operations.


Workhorse’s E-GEN step van demonstrates a 40 MPGe fuel efficiency in on-the-road applications, which reduces vehicle emissions by 75% and is six times more efficient than conventional step vans. The E-GEN model provides an average range of 120 miles on a single charge, with 60 miles all-electric utilizing Panasonic Li-Ion battery packs, and an additional 60 miles using the integrated BMW range extender.

In 2017, W.B. Mason announced its plans to lease Workhorse E-GEN electric vehicles through Ryder as the Company is the primary distributor and provider of service and support for Workhorse’s light and medium duty range-extended electric vehicle fleet in North America.

W.B. Mason is taking delivery of four electric vehicles from Ryder this year. The company’s fleet expansion is a continuation of W.B. Mason’s commitment to personalized, pinpoint delivery which aims to enhance its longstanding customer intimate delivery model by providing cost effective and environmentally sound delivery services.

Ryder collaborated with Workhorse to develop the electric vehicle chassis and Morgan Olson, the company that builds the walk-in van bodies for W.B. Mason, to configure a customized truck specification that meets the unique delivery requirements of a W.B. Mason vehicle.

The vehicles will be supported by ChargePoint as the primary charging infrastructure provider.


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