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Volkswagen offers German diesel buyers security against possible bans

Volkswagen has introduced the “Germany Guarantee”, which will keep German owners of new and year-old diesel vehicles on the road in the event of a diesel ban.

The Volkswagen Group has already taken some 170,000 old diesel vehicles from the road since August 2017 and replaced them with current models. Approximately 120,000 of these customers have chosen a Volkswagen brand model. The Volkswagen brand continues its effort to rejuvenate the vehicle population by offering the diesel environmental incentive with the purchase of a new diesel vehicle beginning in April.

Volkswagen’s new Germany Guarantee is free of charge and will apply to the purchase of a new or a year-old car with a diesel engine from a Volkswagen dealership from 1 April throughout 2018. It is valid for three years from the date of purchase and offers customers who would be affected by possible driving restrictions at their home or working address the opportunity to exchange vehicles.

The affected customer will receive an offer that the participating Volkswagen dealership will buy back the original model for the current value determined by the independent institution, Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT, German Automobile Trust), if the customer then buys from the same dealership a new or year-old vehicle which would not be affected by driving restrictions.

The participating Volkswagen dealership will give the customer a model-dependent trade-in premium with a maximum value corresponding to the previous environmental incentive. The vehicle exchange will be dealt with the involved Volkswagen Partner and in addition via Volkswagen’s digital ecosystem at. Beginning April 2018, Volkswagen partners will provide detailed information on how to benefit from the Germany Guarantee.

The Volkswagen brand has already taken some 120,000 old diesel vehicles with Euro 1 through Euro 4 emissions standards from the road since August 2017 with its successful environmental incentive, thus making a substantial contribution to improving the air quality of German cities. Therefore, the measure will be continued as a diesel environmental incentive for new diesel vehicles until 30 June 2018. The previous model-dependent premiums will continue unchanged.

Volkswagen is convinced that the diesel continues to make an important contribution in the fight against climate change; the company asserts that clean and efficient diesel engines with the most modern exhaust gas cleaning systems are essential to achieving the demanding future CO2 fleet emissions targets.



Do you believe anything VW says? They claim to be all in on EVs yet they refuse to let go of the obsolete diesel and they will continue to support diesels as long as they can sell them. Proves once again Government must exercise a firm hand to move polluting industries not to pollute.

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