Magna, BAIC Group jointly to develop EV architecture for China market
Brookhaven researchers improve understanding of how plants regulate oil synthesis; potential for more abundant bio-fuels and -products

GM Maven offering $5 off all reservations booked on Earth Day (corrected discount)

Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand and car sharing app, will offer $5 off all reservations booked on Earth Day (22 April 2018) with the promo code GREEN2018.

Over the past two years, Maven has:

  • Established the largest North American fleet of electric vehicles, with 8.2 million all-electric miles driven for an estimated 327,000 plus gallons of gas saved.

  • Launched an all-electric fleet of 20 Bolt EVs in the Austin area for freelancers to utilize eco-friendly vehicles for their gig economy jobs.

  • Taken idle cars burning fuel off the road—every shared car removes 10 personal vehicles, according to the company.


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