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Yanmar/Transfluid diesel hybrid drive system for marine applications

At the Japan International Boat Show 2018, Yanmar Marine displayed its new Diesel engine assembled with Transfluid’s parallel Hybrid system. The Yanmar 6LY440, an in-line with 5.8 liters displacement, is rated at 324 kW @ 3300rpm. Transfluid’s system is the HM2000-40, equipped with a 40 kW permanent magnet electric machine, with 2:1 ratio marine gear and LiFePO4 battery with 19.2 kWh energy at 96 Vdc.

The system has undergone 2 years of tests and sea trials; one year on the test bench at the Yanmar factory, and one year on board Yanmar EX38, a single screw sport-fishing cruiser at Yanmar shipyard.

Transfluid’s Hybrid works in several different modes, including electric, diesel, booster (electric + diesel), battery recharge. The transition from electric to diesel and from diesel to electric is made automatically at any boat speed and all commands related to the Hybrid and the Diesel are well integrated in the Transfluid’s control lever.

Transfluid’s HM family have received DNV-GL Type Approval certification.


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