Careful Bus deploys school buses in NYC outfitted with XL hybrid systems
LG Chem, Huayou Cobalt to form 2 JVs in China; precursors & cathodes for EV batteries; supporting 400K EV packs/year

Protean Electric and LM Industries partner to develop self-driving electric vehicles

Protean Electric, developer of in-wheel electric drive systems, and LM Industries, the American vehicle manufacturing company focused on open-source vehicle designs and creators of Olli, the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric and cognitive shuttle (earlier post), are partnering to develop self-driving electric vehicles.



The two companies’ partnership will initially focus on providing the eDrive system for Olli; then expand into developing new technologies that will accelerate future autonomous and transportation-as-a-service (TaaS) vehicle production.

Open platforms are a critical piece of LM Industries’ strategic vision, allowing us the flexibility to work with innovative companies like Protean Electric and quickly integrate new technologies that let us make great products. Protean Electric’s eDrive technology with in-wheel motors and integrated power electronics, make power-train components obsolete and vehicle digitization easier. It will help us revolutionize self-driving vehicle design creating more space for passengers.

—John B. Rogers Jr, CEO and co-founder of LM Industries


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