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CPS Energy purchasing 34 XLP Plug-In Hybrid Electric Ford F-150s

San Antonio, Texas-based CPS Energy, the US’ largest municipally owned energy company, announced the purchase of 34 XLP Plug-In Hybrid Electric Ford F-150 pickup trucks—the largest purchase of plug-in F-150s any utility or private company to date, and the first in San Antonio to use the vehicles.  The new vehicles will replace an older fleet of vehicles.

The new trucks offer more than 50% better fuel economy and a 33% reduction in emissions over similar standard vehicles, based on manufacturer’s figures that take into consideration long commutes.


The new plug-in hybrid electric trucks are part of CPS Energy’s plan to reduce the environmental impact and are an investment that is a critical component to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

While the new electrified trucks will cost slightly more than a conventional gas-powered truck, CPS Energy’s sustainability commitment influenced the purchase decision.

The vehicles are being manufactured by Ford and are equipped with XL’s plug-in hybrid technology, which allows the trucks to run on both gasoline and electric power. In addition to plug-in charging capabilities, the trucks’ technology also uses regenerative braking during deceleration to charge the battery pack, and uses electric assist during acceleration to increase fuel economy. Currently, there are 30 charging locations throughout San Antonio.


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