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Target expanding EV charging program to more than 600 spaces at more than 100 sites

Electrify America partners with >100 major retail, convenience & refueling locations in US to install ultra-fast chargers

Electrify America will be installing ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers at more than 100 retail, convenience and refueling locations across the US, increasing the convenience for consumers who drive or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle. Each location will offer multiple chargers.

Initial partners include major retail companies Target Corporation, Brixmor Property Group, Kimco Realty Corporation and DDR Corporation. In addition to these are major convenience and refueling partners including Sheetz, Inc., Casey’s General Stores Inc., and Global Partners LP’s Alltown.

Last week, Electrify America announced it will install electric vehicle fast chargers at more than 100 Walmart locations across 34 states by June 2019. (Earlier post.)

These chargers are part of Electrify America’s first $500-million, Cycle 1 investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, education and access in the US. The company plans to complete four investment cycles over the next decade, resulting in a total investment of $2 billion.

Through these relationships and others, Electrify America plans to deploy more than 2,000 DC Fast Chargers at up to 484 stations near retail, dining, parking and other facilities that offer convenience and amenities for EV drivers. All the chargers in this Cycle 1 investment will be installed or under development by the end of the cycle in June 2019.

Electrify America’s charging systems will have a range in power from 50kW—the most commonly used fast charging for electric vehicles today—up to 350kW for its highway stations. The Electrify America systems will also offer DC Fast Chargers ranging from 50kW to 150kW for metro locations. An L2 AC charger will also be offered at a majority of metro DC fast charging stations to accommodate plug-in hybrids and non-DC-charge capable EVs.

Electrify America’s certified cooled-cable chargers offering 350kW of power can charge a vehicle up to 20 miles per minute—seven times faster than today’s most commonly used DC 50kW Fast Charger.

The majority of the new, larger battery EVs expected by 2020 from many manufacturers will typically use up to 150kW while at least one manufacturer will offer 320kW charging performance. All charging stations will offer a CHAdeMO (50kW) connector (Tesla vehicles can charge using a CHAdeMO cable with an adaptor), plus additional dual-handle dispensers with CCS1 (50 to 350 kW) connectors, ensuring that all fast charging capable cars will be able to use the Electrify America stations, regardless of their charge point locations.

As the first partner to sign with Electrify America to host charging locations, Brixmor Property Group’s Chicopee Marketplace, in Chicopee, MA, will also be the first location to install an Electrify America charging system with the first certified cooled-cable 350kW charger in the United States.


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