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Target expanding EV charging program to more than 600 spaces at more than 100 sites

Target is expanding the electric vehicle charging program at its store sites. Currently available at 18 sites in five states, EV charging will expand to more than 600 parking spaces at more than 100 sites across more than 20 states over the next two years. In addition to partnering with Electrify America (earlier post) on fast charging, Target is also working with Tesla and Chargepoint.

Accelerating our efforts to install new charging stations at Target stores across the country is one way we’re building on our commitment to investing in solutions that leave our communities better for future families. And it’s an opportunity to work with industry-leading partners to bring a more convenient shopping experience to guests as we look to design lower-carbon solutions throughout our entire operation.

—John Leisen, vice president, Property Management, Target

Target began investing in electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lots in 2012 with the help of ChargePoint. In 2017, Target teamed up with Tesla to pilot its Superchargers with shorter-than-normal charging times, with additional expansion plans in 2018.

Target offers electric vehicle stations at 18 sites across California, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas.

Target also supports renewable energy by offsetting a portion of its energy needs with solar and wind power. The company is working to have 500 stores with rooftop solar panels by 2020, and also working toward a goal to be 100% renewable overall.



A hand to Target (and a few other major distributors) to do the right move to promote the installation of REs for clean charging facilities and the use of BEVs.

Ultra quick clean DC charging facilities with REs could match near future higher capacity enhanced graphene batteries.

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