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The DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first Groupe PSA vehicle using the PSA IoT “Connected Vehicle Modular Platform” (CVMP) and equipped with Huawei technology for new connected services. DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first tangible result of the partnership announced in November 2017 between Huawei and Groupe PSA covering all of the Group’s connected vehicles.

Groupe PSA built the CVMP for its connected vehicles using Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform. DS 7 CROSSBACK, launched this month in China, is the first vehicle to benefit from the CVMP.

Huawei’s IoT connection management platform is a unified, open, and cloud-based platform provided for operators, enterprises, and verticals. It allows for connections using SIM and non-SIM cards and supports connection management. The platform uses open application programming interfaces (APIs) and exclusive Agent to integrate with various network applications (NAs) and provide access to sensors, devices, and gateways.


Huawei OceanConnect is an open ecosystem built on IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data technologies. With the IoT Connection Management Platform as its core, OceanConnect provides ecosystem APIs and serial Agent software to realize seamless connection between upstream and downstream products. The IoT platform suits different network environments and protocols and supports quick access of all types of smart devices, which effectively reduces partners’ development cost.

Customers can access new services such as connected navigation, natural language voice recognition and a connected service portal via the vehicle’s dashboard screen. The vehicle’s maintenance status and the history of journeys and driving styles are also accessible from the customer’s smartphone.

New services for private customers and fleet managers will be regularly added to these features. They include infotainment services, remote software updates and navigation mapping, personal assistant, remote vehicle diagnostic and maintenance functions, and services useful for car hire companies, fleet managers and carsharing operators.

Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform underpins Huawei’s Connected Car Solution. All digital interactions between the car and the cloud are secure; customer and car data are encrypted, and their integrity, authenticity and confidentiality are guaranteed. The Huawei platform will be used for all Groupe PSA’s connected vehicles in all regions where these vehicles are marketed.

DS 7 CROSSBACK, unveiled in March 2018, is the first vehicle belonging to the second generation of DS vehicles. Equipped with a variety of driving assistance features, a new E-Tense 4x4 300 hp gasoline hybrid version will follow in 2019.


DS 7 CROSSBACK will be shown on the Huawei booth at Hannover Messe 2018 from 23 to 27 April 2018.


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