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APC launches $41M low-carbon powertrain funding competition

The UK-based Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) opened its tenth funding competition, making up to £30 million (US$ 41 million) available for the development of low-carbon powertrain technology in the UK.

APC 10 is seeking proposals for UK based R&D projects that significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve air quality. The projects must focus on technologies directly linked with the long-term development of zero-emission capability, such as:

  • Alternative propulsion systems
  • Electric machines and power electronics
  • Energy storage and energy management
  • Lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures
  • Thermal propulsion systems

The project’s primary application should be for the automotive industry.

The competition is open to consortia of organizations including vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, SMEs and academic institutions. Since the APC was founded in 2013, it has awarded funding to 36 UK-based projects, all with the aim of developing innovative low carbon emissions technology. With projects valued at nearly £600 million (US$824 million), APC funding has helped vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to develop a number of vital low carbon technologies.

Earlier this year, an APC project enabled Nissan and its partners develop the production process for the new Nissan LEAF’s high-capacity battery. Ford has also been able to develop new low emissions technology, which will go into production on its 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine shortly.

The funding competition is open to projects costing between £5 million and £40 million ($6.9 and $54.9 million), lasting for between 18 and 42 months. Competition entries must be submitted by midday, 27 June 2018.


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