Hyundai’s 2019 IONIQ electrified line-up adds active safety features, voice recognition, remote charge management
Northwestern team develops way to stabilize high capacity Li4Mn2O5 cathode; doping with vanadium or chromium

ARTS Energy in supply agreement with Hunan Copower for NiMH cells for HEV applications in Europe; 1st step into transportation market

France-based ARTS Energy, a manufacturer of battery-based energy storage solutions using a variety of chemistries, is entering the hybrid-electric vehicle and very high power application markets via a strategic partnership with Hunan Copower EV Battery Co, a subsidiary of the Corun Group. ARTS Energy currently serves the solar, defense & aviation, medical, professional electronics and emergency lighting markets.

ARTS Energy will now have access to Hunan Copower 33600 NiMH cells. Hunan Copower EV Battery currently supplies Toyota for its hybrid cars produced in China. ARTS Energy is the first manufacturer in Europe being in a position to use this battery technology developed especially for the HEV market.

These batteries can be charged and discharged in less than 3 minutes and could be used in a wide range of applications requiring very high power features: start/stop, 48V, full high-voltage hybrid.

The cells represent the fourth generation of the HEV Ni-MH technology since the launch of the Toyota Prius in 1997, in a cell already qualified by several Chinese and Japanese manufacturers, with a cylindrical standard size of which makes it easier to integrate into modules and packs.

A survey by Harris Interactive for Automoto, conducted between the 21-31 August 2017 with 1,002 French drivers found that 72% said their first choice would be now to drive a hybrid car, instead of a diesel or gasoline car and even a full electric car.

Beginning 1 September, ARTS will propose purpose-built modules.

Hunan Copower EV Battery Co. is a subsidiary of the Hunan Corun New Energy group, which specializes in the design, the production of battery components, cells, batteries and hybrid systems around Ni-MH technology.


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