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Renewable Energy Group launches REG Ultra Clean Diesel; blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel

Renewable Energy Group launched REG Ultra Clean Diesel, at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach. REG Ultra Clean Diesel, among the lowest emission diesel fuels on the market today, is a patent-pending fuel made of a proprietary blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel.

REG Ultra Clean Diesel is California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved for year-round use throughout California under the Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation. Versus CARB diesel, REG Ultra Clean Diesel reduces total hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions by 15%, particulate matter emissions by 40%, and, emits less NOx. The fuel offers even greater emissions reductions when compared to conventional diesel.


A drop-in hydrocarbon fuel, renewable diesel offers a high cetane number for better engine performance. It also has a low cloud point. On the other hand, the presence of oxygen gives biodiesel a more complete combustion and added lubricity, as well as making it more biodegradable. Both fuels are low in aromatics.

Supply of renewable diesel has not been able to keep up with demand, said REG, which makes both. Blending renewable diesel with biodiesel allows users to supplement their renewable diesel with another renewable fuel that has positive emissions and performance profiles. A REG Ultra Clean Diesel blend that is 80% renewable diesel and 20% biodiesel is functionally the same as a B20 blend.

There’s a lot of demand for renewable diesel in California. By blending it with 20 percent biodiesel, we expand our supplies while also giving drivers a cleaner-burning fuel.

—Abdul Mardini, General Manager, Fontana Truck Stop Center



Ultra clean diesel, blue NG, clean coal etc etc.

The polluting residues will be sold on the free/black/secondary markets for power plants?


Neste HPR has been sold for years, cleaner and renewable.


Reducing emissions is not good enough. We must stop burning hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, period; the process pollutes the air, water,land and peoples health.


We are probably NOT going to stop ICE anytime soon.

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