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Agility Fuel Solutions announced the availability and ongoing development of large-capacity ProCab H hydrogen storage systems for trucks. The ProCab H hydrogen storage systems are lightweight, compact, self-contained modules that mount behind the cab of Class 8 trucks.

ProCab H system designs are based on Agility’s widely-used ProCab behind-the-cab CNG fuel system architecture, which has been track tested for a simulated one million miles and validated by multiple OEM test programs. The ProCab H family is the product of multiple design iterations, including hydrogen storage systems recently used on hydrogen trucks made by US Hybrid and Kenworth.

ProCab H systems include 350 bar composite cylinders with fuel capacities of 23.5, 28.2 or 33.9 kg of hydrogen, require only 31 inches of rail space behind the truck cab, and are available in custom colors to match any fleet’s livery.

All systems have fuel management and pressure control equipment needed for fueling and defueling the vehicle and delivering hydrogen at a specified pressure to the fuel cell.

Agility also plans to introduce next-generation hydrogen storage systems based on large-diameter Type 4 composite cylinders with 700 bar service pressure being developed in partnership with Hexagon Composites. These higher-pressure, higher-capacity hydrogen storage systems will enable longer driving ranges and could be used in regional haul Class 8 trucking applications such as Toyota’s Project Portal.



Hydrogen is a good fuel for airplanes and would help clean up upper atmospheric pollution; If Tesla's Semi meets specs, don't see where a hydrogen semi is needed in mass quantities.

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