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Québec-based Lion Electric, a manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles, and First Priority GreenFleet (FPGF), a clean transportation solutions provider and dealer, recently announced that they had achieved the largest all-electric school bus deployment in North America made by a single Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The two companies have partnered to roll out approximately 40 all-electric school buses in California to more than 15 districts over the past 12 months—more electric school buses than all the other OEMs and dealers combined.


Together, Lion and FPGF have deployed more than 150 all-electric school buses in the last two years, with more than a million miles driven.

The eLion bus, which carries up to 72 (passengers) offers 50 to 100 miles (90 to 150 km) per charge, powered by LG Chem batteries and a TM4 Sumo MD motor, and features a 19.2 kW on-board charger. Innovative single-speed electric powertrain 19.2 kW AC on-board charger Safe, high-performance LG Chem batteries Fully assembled by Lion (chassis, body, battery packs) Up to 72 passengers

We believe that electrifying school buses is the only environmental, social and economical solution that makes possible protecting our most precious capital, our children. We don’t pretend that electrifying school buses is an easy task because it isn’t. That’s why we spent the last eight years designing our vehicles and the past three years commercializing it. We are by far the only OEM with this kind of experience and track record.

—Marc Bedard, Lion CEO and Founder

The largest concentration of all-electric school buses is currently in California, where grants and funding options are readily available to help schools purchase Lion’s zero-emission vehicles.

Lion is the only integrated OEM that makes its own chassis, battery packs and body. In addition to distributing the eLion C, Lion will also introduce eLion A the and eLion M this summer, an electric minibus designed to meet school transportation, paratransit and transit requirements. The vehicle will be able to travel 75 to 150 miles and was designed to meet contractor’s demands.

Lion will also start manufacturing a new complete line of specialty medium-to heavy-duty urban trucks (classes 5 to 8) all-electric trucks by the end of the current year, leveraging the technologies developed over the last eight years.



Great; Less ICEs means less pollution.


Operators and customers are very satisfied with those new low noise electric school buses. It is the right approach to reduce pollution, GHGs and noise.

The only problem remaining to be solved is the low capacity and higher price of current 2X batteries. Currently, these 40-ft e-buses require a $125,000 CAN subsidy to compete with similar diesel units. New SS 5X lower cost batteries could help but they may not be around for another 5 to 10 years.

Instead, our local (Provincial) politicians will rather supply/support much larger subsidies (up to $350,000 CAN) per Hybrid buses capable of only 3 miles on electricity. Consider our huge surplus of low cost clean Hydro-Wind electricity and absence of locally produce oil for diesel fuel , their complete lack of vision is not understandable?


Please write your school board and super to ask for no more hybrid and diesel buses..commit to electric buses!

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