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REV Group’s ElDorado National first to complete 12-year / 500,000-mile life cycle Altoona testing of a hydrogen fuel cell transit bus

REV Group, a manufacturer of specialty vehicle brands, announced that its ElDorado National (ENC) Brand of transit bus is the first bus manufacturer to complete the 12-year / 500,000-mile life cycle Altoona testing of a hydrogen fuel cell transit bus.


The Federal Transportation Authority’s mandated testing ensures the availability of safe vehicles for transit.

ENC’s Axess FC 40' low-floor, 100% 304 grade stainless-steel-constructed transit bus successfully completed durability, fuel economy and performance testing. The bus can refuel within 20 minutes and has a proven transit duty cycle range of more than 200 miles.

The Axess FC bus uses proven BAE System’s Series Hybrid technology, currently available on more than 8,000 buses worldwide.



Fully ready for commercial deployment is seems then?


Excellent for 12 year old technology?.. Latest FC buses can certainly match and/or do even better?



This is not 12 year old technology.

They will have simulated ageing in the tests, as well as of course doing accelerated cycling tests.


Do simulated and computer controlled ageing tests come close to real world ageing/use?

Is a simulated and/or computer controlled 12 year ageing technology close to 12 year old technology?

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