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Embraer X unveils first eVTOL concept

Embraer X has unveiled its first electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept. The unveiling was made during Uber Elevate 2018, in Los Angeles, California. Embraer X is engaged in several projects, including the development of eVTOL concepts through a cooperation with Uber and other companies to explore business opportunities within the Uber Elevate ecosystem.

VTOL - HeliPad 02-1 (TK pos production)

The eVTOL concept presented at Uber Elevate 2018 represents an aircraft with a mission to serve passengers in an urban environment, based on the key design drivers of safety, passenger experience, affordability and a very low footprint for the community, in terms of noise and emissions.

Embraer X’s first eVTOL concept is the outcome of interaction with potential urban air travelers about their desired experience, combined with the expertise of Embraer’s teams and the collaboration with various companies and institutions. Embraer X will continue to engage with communities to expedite the development of desired solutions for this new market.

Over the last five decades, Embraer, the leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 150 seats, has designed, developed and certified close to 50 aircraft models, delivering more than 8,000 aircraft to 100 countries. Embraer’s fleet has accumulated more than 50 million flight hours.



I looked at that, and realized that electric flight is just the thing for those short hops of a few miles.  But if there are going to be a lot of those things in the air, automated traffic control is going to become a major issue very fast.  Things will happen too quickly for human pilots.  With automated control, hacking becomes a threat.

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