Hydro-Québec grants an exploitation license and partners with Nouveau Monde Graphite to develop materials for Li-ion batteries
API reports record US petroleum production in April: 10.543 million b/d; strongest April demand since 2007

Report: China drafts rules to track electric car battery output, use

Reuters reports that China will launch a system to track the production, sale, use and recycling of electric car batteries by August.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a document published on its website that it would create a “traceability management platform” covering the entire lifecycle of electric vehicle batteries from production to recycling.

The system will clarify who is responsible for handling and recycling spent batteries and also establish a formal monitoring system, the ministry said.

EV producers, battery makers and recyclers will be required to participate in the scheme, and must provide online recycling services to customers as well as detailed information about recycling practices. The system will also cover imported electric vehicles.

China produced 150,000 new energy vehicles in the first quarter of 2018, up 157% from a year ago. Production reached 794,000 units last year, up 54%.


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