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Solaris delivers 10 Urbino electric buses to Milan; 15 more on order

Solaris has completed the deliveries of 10 electric buses to Milan. In February this year, the Solaris delivered 12 Urbino 12 electric buses to Bergamo. Therefore, the total number of electrically driven, zero-emission Solaris vehicles in Italy is 22.

The Urbino electric for Milano are driven by an electric axles with integrated 125 kW traction motors. The energy is stored in 240 kWh battery packs which can be recharged via an on-board, 70 kW charger. The operator has already placed an order for another 15 buses with the same configuration. The delivery of those is scheduled for the end of this year.

The ATM Milano has configured its vehicle in a way it can offer seats for 26 passengers, 14 of them available from the low floor. The buses are also equipped with efficient air conditioning. One of the elements improving safety on board is the Fire Trace fire extinguishing system which includes. The operator from Milan has also ordered an advanced monitoring system, consisting of 9 cameras, a rear camera, a 10" monitor on the center console and a data recorder. The vehicles also provide a passenger counting system.



The operator has already placed an order for another 15 buses with the same configuration.

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