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International partnership to collaborate on energy storage opportunities in Asia Pacific

JERA Co. Inc., Lyon Group, and Fluence Energy, LLC are working co-operatively to explore opportunities to deploy proven energy storage solutions in the Asia Pacific region, including in JERA’s operating fleet in Japan. JERA is a Japan-based energy company with approximately 66 GW of power generation in Japan and approximately 8 GW overseas. Lyon Group is one of the world’s leading independent developers of integrated utility-scale battery storage and renewable generation, with projects across Australia. Fluence is a leading global provider of battery-based energy storage technology and services for energy networks, generators and large energy users.

In the near-term, the companies will focus on implementing a portfolio of solar and four-hour duration energy storage projects in Australia’s National Electricity Market: at Cape York in Queensland; Riverland in South Australia; and Nowingi in Victoria. Lyon developed and sold Australia’s first grid-connected large-scale solar PV and battery storage project.

Deploying long-duration energy storage in conjunction with solar facilities, such as those being developed by Lyon and JERA, expands the delivery of renewable energy into the night, creating on-demand solar resources. This combination provides lower-cost energy, bolsters reliability on regional electric grids at the same time, and eliminates the need for expensive and underutilized investments in the grid such as peaking gas plants. As seen by Fluence’s installations around the globe, the addition of battery-based energy storage reduces cost, improves power system reliability, and allows for lower total emissions.

This latest alignment builds on Fluence’s first project in Australia, announced in March, to supply a 30 MW energy storage solution at a key transmission terminal station in Ballarat, Victoria to add resilience to the regional grid, support critical peak demand and supply frequency control services.

Large-scale battery storage solutions in Australia, Japan and the broader Asia Pacific region can uniquely enable the rapid and seamless transition from centralized thermal generation to an increasingly distributed, renewable-based generation mix and ensure the highest reliability, the partners said. Fluence delivers tailored energy storage solutions that can be integrated anywhere on the grid, from stand-alone storage resources on the transmission or distribution network to hybrid solutions with both thermal and renewable generation.

Fluence’s battery-based energy storage solutions are already making electric power infrastructure more efficient and driving down costs in 11 markets globally, with more under construction. Fluence, a Siemens and AES company, is a global energy storage technology solutions and services company established in 2018. To date, Fluence’s teams have deployed or been awarded over 500 MW of energy storage projects in 16 countries.

Established in 2015, JERA is an equal joint venture of two major Japanese electric companies, TEPCO Fuel & Power Incorporated and Chubu Electric Power Company.

Lyon is one of the world’s leading independent developer of integrated utility-scale battery storage and renewable generation projects. Lyon developed and sold Australia’s first grid connected large-scale solar PV and battery storage project. Lyon is now leading the roll-out of the region’s largest pipeline of large-scale solar PV and battery storage projects, with advanced projects under development in Australia and early stage development projects in Asia.


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