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Ford has appointed UK-based Revolve Technologies, a specialist powertrain, engineering and development business, as its sole European Quality Calibration Modifier (QCM), giving the company access to Ford engine technical information.

As engine designs become ever more complex, optimizing for new applications is an increasing challenge that requires access to complex data sets. Engines produced for hybrid vehicles using specially calibrated ECUs can offer improved reliability and fuel economy. Complying with Euro6 emissions regulations in particular requires highly precise designs to meet the stringent emission requirements.

Revolve has been granted access to the complete engine data, and is one of only five companies in the world to partner with Ford in this way. Hybrid vehicle OEMs can now use Ford engines with optimized engine management parameters, based on full technical information obtained through the authorized and supported QCM route.

By giving Revolve access to an ‘open/development’ ECU, they can start work with the base calibration of a current Ford vehicle, and then work with customers, adjusting calibration settings to suit the customer’s application or vehicle.

—Paul McDermott, Sales Director of Ford Component Sales

Previously, they had to purchase their ECUs for each engine design from third parties with no access to the important Ford parameters that are essential to maximizing performance from hybrid engines.

There are many new opportunities to take advantage of this new development, as we now have infinitely variable control over what can be offered. Niche OEMs and volume producers of hybrid and conventional vehicles will benefit.

—Bryn Slaney, Revolve’s Engineering Manager

The Revolve formal QCM partnership is already in place for conventional engines.


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