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Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD), the public transportation provider in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, and XL announced a successful deployment of six hybrid-electric (HEV) passenger vans in RVTD’s paratransit fleet. The Ford Transit passenger vans are already seeing a more than 25% increase in fuel economy over RVTD’s conventional Transit vans due to the use of regenerative braking and electric assist during driving.

RVTD anticipates the XL HEV vans will also see improved brake life in addition to the MPG gains the technology has already provided. In addition, RVTD expects to decrease CO2 emissions by 20%.

RVTD, which provides transportation to residents in seven communities along a fixed-route system and paratransit service in a 300-mile area, selected XL’s fleet electrification technology to help green these commercial vehicles and reduce its carbon footprint. The entire fleet is accessible to people with disabilities, and, as part of the agency’s paratransit services, the XL-equipped vehicles can accommodate riders in wheelchairs for rides on a scheduled and as-needed basis.

Our agency pioneered compressed natural gas and other renewable initiatives as early as two decades ago, and we continue to take advantage of new technologies that can reduce our carbon footprint and reliably serve our riders.

Adopting fleet electrification technology with XL was relatively inexpensive with a significant return on investment, and this long-standing approach keeps us ahead as new legislation and initiatives emphasize less reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

—Tim D’Alessandro, operations manager of Rogue Valley Transportation District

XL provides HEV and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicle systems, which are standard wall outlet-ready, to municipal fleets across the US.

RVTD routes serve the Oregon communities of Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Talent, Phoenix, White City, and Jacksonville.


Can fleets also use ethanol or renewable diesel for cleaner engines and air?

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