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NEVS and Phantom Auto collaborating on autonomous vehicles

Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer NEVS is using Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology to ensure safe deployment of electric autonomous vehicles.

NEVS (formerly Saab Automobile) and Phantom Auto, the leading provider of teleoperation safety technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs), are collaborating to ensure the optimally safe and efficient deployment of NEVS’ electric AVs throughout the world.

Silicon Valley-based Phantom Auto enables a remote human operator to drive an AV when it encounters a scenario which the AV cannot handle on its own, enabling the safe and rapid deployment of AVs.

NEVS is shaping mobility for a more sustainable future with its global portfolio of electric AVs. Working together, NEVS and Phantom Auto are setting the bar for safety in AV deployments.

Our AVs must be able to drive from any point A to any point B, which means driving through all edge cases they experience on the road, such as inclement weather, road work, and any other road obstructions.

Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology ensures that passengers in our vehicles can safely and efficiently drive through any edge case, and that’s why I am excited and proud to call them NEVS’ partner.

—Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS

Founded in 2012 after acquiring the assets of Saab Automobile AB, NEVS plans to deploy electric autonomous vehicles in the early 2020s, both in the EU and China.

The company is now preparing for large volume production of the NEVS 9-3 EV in its new production plant in Tianjin, China, by the end of 2018. The company will also soon establish another production plant and innovation center in Shanghai, China.

NEVS is the first joint venture company with investors from outside China that has been granted a New Energy Passenger Vehicle Project investment approval by the Chinese government.

In October 2017, NEVS and DiDi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, formed a strategic partnership and finalized a number of steps towards an extensive cooperation. In April 2018, DiDi Chuxing, NEVS, and other companies collectively founded the “D-Alliance”. The alliance will build up a new ecosystem of automotive operations, promote car sharing, and drive forward the transformation of automotive industry towards smart mobility and new energy together.

Founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley by a team of network communication and robotics experts, Phantom Auto enables a remote human operator to drive an autonomous vehicle when it encounters a scenario that the vehicle cannot handle on its own, enabling the safe and rapid deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Phantom Auto offers a teleoperation-as-a-service safety solution for all autonomous vehicles that includes low latency vehicle communication software, an API for real-time assistance and guidance, and a remote operator service.


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