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Volkswagen presents the latest version of the SEDRIC autonomous concept at CEBIT

At CEBIT 2018, Volkswagen is showing a further development of its self-driving technology platform SEDRIC, first introduced at the Geneva Motor how in 2017 (earlier post).

The new sports and outdoor model SEDRIC Active features a specially designed interior and exterior tailored to meet the individual needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts.


With the aid of its roof rack system, the SEDRIC Active can carry a full set of windsurfing equipment consisting of surfboard and sail. At the touch of a button, the self-driving car comes along to carry its passengers and their equipment comfortably and safely to the desired windsurfing venue. SEDRIC will follow the outdoor sports enthusiasts to their new collection point, which will mean that water sports enthusiasts, canoeists or mountain bikers will no longer need an accompanying vehicle.


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