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BMW has selected TTTech Auto, a high-tech company specializing in leading safety software and hardware platforms for automated driving, as its development partner for level 3 and 4 automated driving functions. TTTech Auto will contribute its extensive cross-industry software and functional safety experience to this project.

As we develop a modular, non-exclusive platform for autonomous driving, TTTech Auto’s expertise in functional and software safety and security is extremely valuable. Together, we are determined to bring safe Level 3 automated driving to the market in 2021. We are excited to be working together here at our new BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus.

—Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President for Fully Automated Driving and Driver Assistance at BMW

The functional applications to be developed with TTTech Auto will tackle demanding new functionalities that enhance safety and will create a completely new driving experience. TTTech Auto has already gained extensive experience in automated driving programs with several key industry players and successfully developed the safety software platform MotionWise for series production.

The software framework MotionWise is a scalable software platform for automated driving up to level 5. It enables a smooth integration process and ISO 26262 ASIL D safety.

The MotionWise architecture eases integration and validation of applications by performing a separation and management of the available resources. Each application hosted by MotionWise will run encapsulated from its peers, resulting in a safe environment where applications with different safety and real-time requirements can coexist and interact.


MotionWise offers a comprehensive set of system and integration services, providing a homogeneous platform out of SoCs of different safety or performance classes. MotionWise can be scaled from level 2 to level 5 automated driving.

This cooperation is part of BMW’s enhanced activities in the field of automated driving. For the development process with partners such as TTTech, BMW is implementing “LeSS” (Large Scale Scrum) for very efficient software development.

This agile software development model with very few hierarchical levels and a large number of small teams, is intended to ensure the highest velocity in the development.

TTTech Auto is currently establishing a new team on-site in Munich and is looking for talented and motivated new employees to strengthen its engineering workforce.

TTTech is a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls. TTTech solutions improve the safety and reliability of electronic systems in the industrial and transportation sectors, with a portfolio of products that are helping to make the Industrial Internet of Things and autonomous driving a reality.

TTTech Auto is a global high-tech company established by TTTech with leading industrial partners in June 2018. It builds upon TTTech Group’s automotive ADAS production program experience and world class safety technologies and integrates the software engineering skills of RT-RK Automotive in one venture.

The objective of the company is to provide safety software platforms and integration services for domain ECUs and in-car computers, paving the way to highly automated driving and autonomous vehicles.



Hope that TTTech Auto and BMW will go from level 2 to 4 and 5 ADVs by 2025 or so and the technology developed will be safe and available to other ADV manufacturers.

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