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Shell and HTEC launch Canada’s first retail hydrogen vehicle refueling station

Shell and Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) launched Canada’s first retail hydrogen refueling station for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, located at 8686 Granville Street in Vancouver. This is the first retail hydrogen vehicle refuelling station in Canada open to the public, and the first of three sites that Shell and HTEC plan to open in Vancouver.

The launch of the Vancouver station follows similar openings in the UK, California, and in Germany, where Shell is part of a joint venture with the ambition to open a network of up to 400 hydrogen sites by 2023. Shell is also assessing the potential of future projects in the United States, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, China and the Netherlands.

Critical investment in the station comes from LGM Financial Services, along with funding from both the Provincial and Federal governments, through the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Western Economic Diversification Canada’s WINN initiative respectively.



A wise decision from Shell to actively participate into the H2 economy. Power compagnies should get involved before the H2 market is fully occupied by Oil majors.


I wonder how many customers they get each day


A good chicken/egg question. Usage will increase with FCEVs fleet growth.

How much traffic/usage in the 31 H2 stations in California? It will also increase with FCEVs fleet growth?


There are over 400 H2 stations in operation or in final stage of construction. Japan seems to be the current leader with over 63 H2 stations. California and China will not be far behind.

As with NPPs, electrified vehicles, batteries, solar/wind power plants etc China will soon lead with H2 stations and FCEVs.

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