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Neste and DFW collaborate on sustainable aviation operations; renewable jet fuel and supply chain

Neste and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) are collaborating in an effort to reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft at DFW. The partners are planning to explore opportunities for the use of renewable jet fuel, as well as investigate additional ways to enhance the sustainability efforts of the Airport.

They will also investigate logistics and supply chain options to lay the groundwork for establishing a potential renewable jet fuel supply at DFW.

The aviation industry has set ambitious targets to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from air transportation, including carbon-neutral growth from 2020 and beyond, and a 50% reduction of net aviation CO2 emissions by 2050. Currently, sustainable renewable jet fuel offers the only viable alternative to fossil liquid fuels for powering commercial aircraft.

Neste’s renewable jet fuel technology is proven. Its quality standards, aircraft engine performance, and storage stability and integrity have been tested and followed in thousands of commercial flights. Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel provides distinct advantages to its customers by decreasing their environmental footprint. It made from renewable and sustainable raw materials and significantly reduces life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions.


Do some of you have contacts at Nestle? I'm working to bring #renewablejetfuel to Austin, ABIA! Thx

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