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Blink Charging and YSB to incorporate Blink charging stations into light poles

Blink Charging Co. and YSB, a leader in Israel’s infrastructure and smart city technology, have entered into a cooperation agreement to integrate Blink technology into light poles with “flexible charging” for smart city infrastructure.

The integration will allow both Blink and YSB to deploy and operate light pole charging stations integrated with IoT functionality, such as Wi-Fi, camera, internet security, and the cloud-based Blink Network in the US and Israel and other potential markets.

Blink has deployed more than 14,000 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the US and is expanding globally through strategic partnerships. YSB installs and manages smart city infrastructure specializing in smart lighting technology and traffic control systems; there have been more than 25,000 deployments across Israel and globally of YSB’s proprietary smart lighting products and technology.



Integrated into light poles.  Powered how?  Double-purposing of existing wiring?  That's the way to roll out a bunch of charging fast and on the cheap, and I'd love to see a LOT of it.

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