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DHL Freight buys 4 IVECO LNG Stralis trucks

DHL Freight, one of the leading providers of road freight services in Europe, has purchased four Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered Stralis trucks from IVECO. These heavy-duty, long-haul trucks have a driving range of up to 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) and enable a total weight of tractor and trailer of up to 40 tons.

The 4x2 tractors from IVECO contain two Liquefied Natural Gas tanks. The engine has 400 horsepower and 1,700 N·m torque, which is only slightly lower than diesel, which has 450 hp and 2,100 N·m. Nearly all of the regular features of the conventional IVECO Stralis, such as automated or manual transmission, are available in the LNG-powered model.

Compared to diesel, the use of liquid natural gas reduces particulate matter emissions by 99% and nitrogen dioxide by 96%. CO2 is reduced by up to 10% and can be even reduced up to 95% by using bio-methane. As for noise pollution, vehicles using natural gas produce up to 50% less noise than diesel vehicles. In addition to these clear environmental benefits, liquid natural gas provides economic benefits, due to its lower cost.

The trucks will be employed to create a more sustainable transport solution for one of the world’s largest developers and sellers of athletic footwear and sportswear.

With the group strategy to reduce all logistics-related emissions net to zero by 2050 in mind, DHL Freight purchased the tractors as a way to expand its current service offering for the global sporting-goods manufacturer.


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