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Europe-based EV charging interoperability leader Hubject recently officially launched its US operations from the company’s new US headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif. Founded in 2012 to enable seamless charging for customers through an open and neutral business-to-business platform, Hubject was quickly embraced in Europe and is now bringing its solution to the US.

After the success we’ve had with our 300 partners in Europe and Japan, launching in the United States was the next logical step as EV sales continue to rise. We’re eager to help accelerate the global transition to e-mobility with our innovative software that provides a neutral system for EV charging companies to work together and provide seamless charging for drivers.

—Paul Glenney, North American CEO of Hubject

Hubject has become the most widely adopted and proven interoperability platform on four continents and 26 countries. It works by offering its corporate partners an B2B IT platform, called intercharge, that allows charging operators and service providers to easily implement interoperability between one another with one central contract and one API interface.

For consumers, Hubject’s eRoaming platform allows EV drivers to easily find, access and pay for charging stations from various charging networks with one account, one card, one app and one bill. Hubject currently facilitates interconnection between 300 different charging networks, automakers and utilities partners allowing seamless access to over 70,000 charge ports.

Hubject chose Santa Monica for its location in leading the CA market for EV and clean energy initiatives. As recently as May 31, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a $738-million budget for transportation electrification projects. Additionally, the location is near many Hubject business partners and future customers.


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